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Documentation of Valuables

When trying to pick up the pieces after a calamity, you'll be asked by your insurance company to provide an inventory of lost or damaged items. Recalling the exact contents of your home under any condition would be challenging, but perhaps more so under the stress of a fire or theft. However, creating an inventory…
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Aviation Insurance

If you're the kind of person who prefers the excitement of flying your own plane, reading insurance policies is probably not how you like to spend your time. In the case of your auto insurance, you may know the amount of your deductible and little else. This lack of awareness endures in our society in…
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Specialty Policies Insure Fun

An accident is probably the last thing on your mind when you are operating an all-terrain vehicle, motorhome, snowmobile, golf cart or other specialty recreation vehicles. After all, these kinds of grown-up toys were designed for fun. But they also present a certain level of risk that you may want to protect against with insurance.…
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Watch the Hull: Insurance for Boats and Other Recreational Watercraft

Although many states still do not require a license to operate a recreational watercraft, don't let that fool you into thinking insurance must not be necessary either. Not every state requires insurance, but operating a watercraft carries many of the same risks that are attendant when you operate a vehicle on the land, plus a…
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