About Us


Established in Elk Grove in 1949, and by gradually mastering all major personal and commercial coverages this demanding market has come to expect, Colton Insurance Associates has become one of the more noteworthy agencies of its kind in California. Over the past half-century, Colton has grown at a pace best described as professionally calculated to become a reputable, trustworthy, broad-based service provider.

Service Philosophy

We are now staffed with skilled Account Managers in every major personal and business coverage. Not only are these employees trained, experienced and ultimately designated professionals, they are a pleasure to deal with. They enjoy their jobs in representing you with the carriers and their enthusiasm shows.

Our Account Managers are cross-trained, so if your Manager is unavailable, any of several others can likely handle your situation. They understand multiple coverages as offered by any number of carriers. Further, Colton’s networked electronic systems gives each of our sales and service professionals powerful access to every key carrier and client file, so that you’re not waiting for your rep’s vacation or lunch break to end just to find out if your premium has been received.

Further, as discussed on our homepage, if you prefer to bypass the phone and rein in the power of the Internet, generate your own quote within minutes by clicking on any of the Online Client Services positioned above.

An Attractive Future

The Colton staff serves clientele in championship style to earn the account management designation. Our website’s Online Client Services quoting system finally gives you mastery of that box, screen and keyboard that’s been holding down your desk for all these years.

That’s what we are about and how we’ve grown steadily into the 21st Century. With you and many of our current and future clientele, we will work to earn the faith and trust of insurance buyers to grow for the next 50 years or more!

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